It was the 96th Holden assembled in South Australia off
the Birkenhead line and was delivered in March 1949

The car was owned by a family member who owned Lewis Confectionary at Norwood and was used as the daily family car and also to cart sugar for the confectionery factory that was located at Norwood. The rear seats would be removed and the car would be used as a “van” keeping the sugars dry.

The car was painted many times by the owners and the last colour was in red and blue, the family were one eyed Norwood supporters.

The car was saved from being buried in a hole on a farm at Upper Hermitage due to the Farmer once mechanic wanting to clean up his property. After acquiring the car in the early 1980’s some body panels were replaced with new old stock ones as too the windows. The running gear, motor and believe it or not the sill panels have remained untouched to this very day with no rust or engine troubles.

The original colour was Convoy Grey, however I decided to paint it Mist Grey, the same colour as my FJ Special. I was doing many weddings for friends in the early years and the Convoy Grey colour looked dull and boring.

The trim was done to the original specs in Connolly leather, by Charlie from Lybra motor trimmers.

The 48-215 has all the original body markings and the unique features of an early 48 for example, no ash tray on the rear seat, and a ridge surrounding the glove box, plus many more features.

To this day it has not missed a beat and is only a two owner vehicle with just 78,000 miles.

Story Credit : Peter Papageorgiou, 48 FJ Holden Club of SA