We had been looking for an FJ for a few years and purchased our Coupe Utility in June of 2005 after seeing an ad in the local classifieds. It was located on a potato farm in Scottsdale, NE Tasmania and had been locked up in a shipping container for about 7 years prior to our purchase. We rolled it out of the container, fitted a battery, and it fired up almost first go. So onto a trailer and home we went.

After some initial work replacing brake hoses and suspension rubbers, etc. to get it roadworthy, we had it registered under the Tasmanian Special Interest registration and joined up with some like minded friends in the Old Holden Owners Group of Tasmania. We have enjoyed many a Sunday cruise and show and shine events mostly around Northern Tasmania.

It was located on a potato farm

After a few years of cruising in “Frankie” we decided to rebuild the grey motor and three speed gear box, then in 2014 we stripped her down and completed a bare metal re-paint, re set the springs, added new tyres and ss exhaust and completed the tidy up with Tasmanian Hardwood  boards in the tray. All the running gear remains original FJ with a set of old school 13 x 6 widies, chrome wheel trim and FJ hubcaps.

The previous owner had completed a restoration in about 1990 after finding the ute in a backyard and we have kept the interior of red leather bench seat, trims and hood lining from that restoration.

In 2014 we joined the FX FJ Holden Club of Australia (Northwest Tasmania Chapter), attended the 2014 Nationals in Launceston and then drove Frankie to Mansfield and back for the 2016 event. We are really looking forward to many more years of fun driving of Frankie with our friends.

Story Credit: Terry and Katrina Lockwood, Legana Tasmania.