Ten years ago I had a dream to build an FJ Ute.  It had to have the original body, factory from the ’50s and running gear to be modern era – all Holden.

 Every Friday is its day out.

We purchased the ute from a farm in the Blue Mountains, NSW, in 2008.  It had been in a shed for many years.  It got put on a truck and driven to Brisbane where we undertook a 7 year rebuild.  I joined the Brisbane Northside Classic Holden Club many years ago and they have been very helpful with parts and ideas over this time.

It has an injected 5ltr from a VS Holden, electric power steering, air-con and many other hidden features have been incorporated into this build.

It has been used as a wedding car.  Every Friday is its day out. It goes to work with Darren and is often used for drives on weekends.  This is definitely not a trailer queen or a show car to sit and look pretty.

Since completion in 2015 we have shown the Ute at the Qld Hot Rod Show with success at all 2015, 2016, 2017 shows.  We also had success in the 2017 FX FJ State Titles.  We are looking forward to bringing our Ute to the SA Nationals.

Looking forward to seeing you in December 2018.

Story Credit: Darren Ryan