I acquired my FJ ute in the mid 2000s, however, the inspiration started years ago.
 finding Dad’s original FJ ute was like finding a needle in a hay stack
My now 80 something year old father purchased an FJ ute new in 1955, with Victorian registration GJO-615. He ordered a Glynn Green ute with green interior. Dad’s dream was to see that ute again, however, with very little to go on, as far as identification details, finding Dad’s original FJ ute was like finding a needle in a hay stack.
Some years ago I inquired with Vicroads as to the status of the number plates. They where available but they where unable to tell me any more than that. I purchased the plates and ordered them to be re-made as original issues. I then put them on na FJ Sedan as I didn’t have a ute at the time. At that time Dad asked me if I would create a tribute FJ ute. This was easy to do as dad was only in his early 70s at the time and was very active (and still is today). Matching colours, etc, was easy, Dad remembered his green quite clearly. The colour on the car is as close as we could get it to where Dad was happy.  For the interior we selected a green that matched the outside Green.
Dad proudly drove the FJ ute to the Tasmania Nationals. He said “I wish it was my own, it feels like it”.
The FJ ute was transferred from club permit to private registration in early 2018 with dads original FJ ute plates of GJO 615 registered to the ute. The ute has been involved in my nephew’s wedding, and recently appeared on the Macs’ 2018 series shortbread biscuit tins.
Story Credit: Tristan Coote